The Legacy Series: Pat Parker

During the month of February, Kappa Theta Epsilon not only celebrates our Founding Day; we celebrate the contributions of African-American lesbian women. In honor of the accomplishments of these distinguished individuals, the Sorority is proud to present The Legacy Series.


Born in 1944, Pat Parker was a legendary Black lesbian feminist poet and activist. Her work captured the essence of the “otherness” of the Black queer experience, and sought to overcome the challenges #womenlikeus faced.

Through her work with the Black Panther Party and collaborations with other queer writers and artists, Parker left a lasting impression on the queer woman of color experience. Some of her moving, passion-filled performances can be hear on Youtube today.

Womanslaughter, her most well-known work, tells of the experience of her family after losing a sister to homicide at the hands of her abusive ex-husband.

Ms. Parker passed away of complications from breast cancer in 1989. She was 45 years old.

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