Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority Expresses Condolences Over Mass Shooting at Pulse Nightclub

ATLANTA – The National Office of Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, Inc. joins our entire membership in offering our deepest condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of those killed and injured in the Pulse nightclub shooting.

We are saddened to learn that more than 100 people fell victim to this violent hate crime. Members of our community have long fought for equality, civil liberty and the right to live proudly, without fear.

Though we have made immense strides as a community over the last several years, this terrible act is an unfortunate reminder of how far we have left to go, and the importance of continued education and community solidarity.

We ask all Sorority members, supporters and friends to honor the lives of those directly affected by creating safe spaces for open dialogue amongst each other and the larger community.

In order to ensure effective care for injured victims, we ask all members of the Sorority and other LBGTQ-focused civic organizations in Orlando and the surrounding areas to give blood, and donate any time and resources available to assist in their recovery. We must stand together during this unfortunate time and help Orlando overcome it.

As an organization committed to education and social change, Kappa Theta Epsilon intends to continue its work to inform the public of the significant challenges still faced by the LGBTQ community. Our hearts are with the fallen of Orlando, and we are committed to honoring them with our continued service.

Please read the official press statement here.