Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for contacting Kappa Theta Epsilon about your interest in learning more about becoming a member. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. We’re always happy to share information about our Sorority with intelligent, successful women.

As you can see from our official website, KΘE is a unique organization.

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a professional-interest, social service Sorority for professional and entrepreneurial lesbian women.

Founded in 2009, our mission is to develop leaders, cultivate a spirit of camaraderie and sisterhood among lesbian women, and make a lasting impact on the communities in which we live.

It is our belief that we must develop a culture of success among the membership, thereby building a foundation of sisters equipped to maximize their impact on the communities they serve.

Though we are a professional-interest organization, sisterhood is a vital part of who we are!

We seek women who value the bond of friendship and shared life experiences. A group of women like that, who learn and grow from each other, can change the world.

For a brief overview of information that every woman interested in this exceptional Sorority should know, check out our Sorority Fact Sheet.

Next Steps:

*   Review our Sorority Fact Sheet. Please contact your Liaison if you have any questions.
*   Kappa Theta Epsilon is active on social media. Join the conversation!
Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter for Sorority updates.
*   Get engaged! Prospective members of KΘE must have completed a minimum of 12 hours of community service in the six (6) months prior to Invitational. Have you been active lately?
*   Expect to connect. Your Membership Liaison will contact you in the next few days to follow up and address any questions you may have.

Thank you so much for reaching out! We look forward to getting to know you.

National Selection Committee
Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, Inc.

About Kappa Theta Epsilon

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a social service Sorority committed to the personal and professional development of leaders in the LGBT community.


Membership in Kappa Theta Epsilon is conferred by invitation only.

Please use the Interest Introduction Form to inform us of your interest, and be considered for membership.


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