The Ladder

The Ladder is the official public newsletter of Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, Inc. Released approximately every two months, the publication covers everything from Sorority news, to arts, culture and LGBT current events.

Some of the topics covered in the newsletter are:

  • Marriage Equality & What Comes Next
  • National Minority Donor Awareness Month
  • SMARTMoney: The Road to Building Your First Emergency Fund
  • Sterling Pages: Sorority Book Club Selection of the Season
  • STEM Pioneers: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Scientific Leaders
  • Black Business Month: Startup Stories

These and many more articles are available to exclusively to The Ladder subscribers. To gain access, subscribe below to get alerts when we release each new edition.

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About Kappa Theta Epsilon

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a social service Sorority committed to the personal and professional development of leaders in the LGBT community.


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