Becoming a member of Kappa Theta Epsilon is a wonderfully rewarding experience…

How to Start a Chapter

The Sorority offers groups of prospective members the opportunity to expand the organization into their local areas, given that they meet the standard requirements and are approved.

All members of the Interest Group must meet the Sorority’s requirements in order to be considered.  Please visit the Membership Overview for information about our preliminary requirements.

Once your group has formed, be sure to have each person fill out the Interest Inquiry.  A Membership Liasion will contact you within 7-10 business days with additional information.

If your group is organized as a local Sorority, and would like more information about possible affiliation with Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, please contact us.

Hello Locals!

Thank you for your interest in affiliation with our beloved Sisterhood.

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a progressive organization that is open to the opportunity to expand its reach by growing the sisterhood. Extension increases our opportunities to impact communities outside our current reach by welcoming like-minded individuals who reside in the area.

Our goal is to create an effective, beneficial relationship with local sororities seeking support and affiliation with a growing national organization. Kappa Theta Epsilon recognizes that the success of incoming colonies depends on a long-term commitment by the Sorority.

When considering association with an existing local organization, Kappa Theta Epsilon carefully considers the following:

  • Current makeup of the host chapter membership
  • Alignment of organizational processes and goals with those of Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority
  • Interest in LGBT Greek life within the prospective chapter’s service area

Other factors are also significant in the Sorority’s decision to extend an invitation of extension. To schedule a consultation for further details, please contact us.

Contact the

About Kappa Theta Epsilon

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a social service Sorority committed to the personal and professional development of leaders in the LGBT community.


Membership in Kappa Theta Epsilon is conferred by invitation only.

Please use the Interest Introduction Form to inform us of your interest, and be considered for membership.


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