To be there when she calls,
To catch her when she falls…

I am my Sister’s Keeper

Exceptional Sisterhood. Unparalleled Professionalism.

We are Women About Business

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a progressive organization that welcomes a variety of women from  all walks of life into the membership.  The Sorority does not discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or political affiliation.

Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority Membership is conferred on an invitation only basis.  Prospective members are encouraged to express their interest through an Interest Introduction Form.

Please Note:  Submission of an Inquiry does not ensure selection as a New Member Candidate, or participation in the Sorority’s Intake Program.

Discover the Leader in You

Kappa Theta Epsilon realizes the importance of sound judgment in the Membership Selection process.  Through the initiation of new members, our organization shapes its future & our impact upon the communities we serve.

Every woman seeking membership in KΘE must exemplify:

Sisterhood – She should exhibit a spirit of cooperation, camaraderie, humility & openness to building positive relationships with like-minded women.

Fidelity – A woman interested in Kappa should demonstrate commitment & loyalty in both her personal & professional dealings.

Accomplishment – A commitment to continual self-improvement is expected of all potential Kappa Theta Epsilon women. Scholarship, personal honor & responsibility are essential to successfully completing our Membership Intake Process and becoming a productive member.   As a professional-interest organization, the Sorority seeks women who  are motivated to achieve excellence in all areas of life.

Service – Kappa Theta Epsilon encourages a continual commitment to philanthropy through service partnerships.  Members and prospectives should offer their gifts & talents in the pursuit of betterment of the human condition.

Any woman interested in membership in Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority must:

Be 19 years of age or older at the time of invitation.

Be a feminine, lesbian female.

Have successfully completed a secondary course of study & been awarded a High School diploma.

Be a registered voter, preferably active in political causes.

Be able to meet the financial & and time commitments of the organization.

Be willing to participate in the Sorority’s New Member Education Period.

Complete a minimum of 12 community service hours within the 6 months prior to invitation.

For a detailed list of Sorority membership qualifications, click here.

Preliminary Requirements for Prospective Members

Expansion Opportunities

Starting A Kappa Theta Epsilon Chapter

Women interested in starting a Kappa Theta Epsilon Chapter should contact the organization.

A Membership Liaison will be assigned to your group to answer questions and assist with colony consideration.

For more information about starting a chapter, click here.

About Kappa Theta Epsilon

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a social service Sorority committed to the personal and professional development of leaders in the LGBT community.


Membership in Kappa Theta Epsilon is conferred by invitation only.

Please use the Interest Introduction Form to inform us of your interest, and be considered for membership.


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