Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, Incorporated Membership Requirements

Prospective members of Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority must be sponsored to participate in the organization’s New Member Education process.

Any woman who would like to be considered for sponsorship may submit a Interest Inquiry.  Please review the detailed list of qualifications for interested ladies below.

To be considered for a membership invitation to Kappa Theta Epsilon Sorority, the

  1. Candidate must be 19 years of age or older at the time of invitation.
  2. Candidate must identify as a feminine, lesbian female.
  3. Candidate must have successfully completed a secondary course of study & been awarded a High School diploma, at minimum.
  4. Candidate must be a registered voter, preferably active in political causes.  Political party affiliation is not considered in the membership selection process.
  5. Candidate must be sponsored by an active member of the Sorority through the submission of a Nomination Form.
  6. Candidate must submit a one (1) page personal statement of interest, and complete the Sorority’s Candidate profile prior to the deadline of the Invitational Season for which she is being considered.
  7. Candidate must provide two (2) letters of recommendation, one (1) from an active member of the Sorority, & one (1) from an upstanding community member.
  8. Candidate must have completed a minimum of 12 verifiable community service hours within the 6 months prior to invitation.
  9. Candidate must complete a direct interview conducted by the Sorority’s Membership Selection team.
  10. Candidate must be able to meet the financial & and time commitments of the organization. At the time of sponsorship consideration, the candidate must have been gainfully employed or matriculating as a full-time student for a minimum of one (1) year.  NOTE:  Verifiable self-employment may be documented through a variety of standard business forms to satisfy this requirement.
  11. Collegiate Candidates must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale(or its equivalent on a comparable scale), and a minimum 2.8 for the semester immediately preceding consideration.
  12. Candidate must be willing to participate in the Sorority’s New Member Education Period. This includes possible travel for completion of the process.
    All Prospective Members will be notified of the results of their candidacy upon completion of the Interview period for that Invitational Season.

About Kappa Theta Epsilon

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a social service Sorority committed to the personal and professional development of leaders in the LGBT community.


Membership in Kappa Theta Epsilon is conferred by invitation only.

Please use the Interest Introduction Form to inform us of your interest, and be considered for membership.


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